That Was Summer

Last week, for the first time in months, we slept without the fan on. Last night, I noticed it was dark before eight. The asters are in bloom, the hummingbirds have gone, and the mornings are chilly. Summer is definitely on its way out.

The goats are making the most of what remains of summer. We had high-tensile fence installed around their pasture, so these days they are roaming free in the mornings, eating up the clumps that never made it into any of their pens. The weeds are so tall, you can't even see the kids. They go back to their sheds all fat and happy for a midday rest.

Meanwhile, down the hill, the vegetable garden is just getting good. I guess I was running a little late in the spring, so we still don't have mature eggplants or full-size tomatoes, but we do have a giant sprawl of winter squash. I'm also very excited for edamame - any day now.


Maybe when autumn is here I'll be a little more responsible about updating the blog. Enjoy the ends of summer, folks!
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