Autumn Morning Milking

Even though it becomes harder to get out of bed on chilly fall mornings when it's not quite light out, once we are up and out, we are instantly, generously rewarded. The air is crisp and cool. As we set out, we can see the sun rising through the trees. The hill is still in shadow.

Sunrise, 6:30 AM
When we reach the goatyard, the goats are already grazing. They yell and gallop and jump around, pleased to see us. 

Jasmine, 6:40 AM
As we settle into the milking routine, the rising sun begins to illuminate the tops of the trees in the west.

6:50 AM
Little by little, the sunlight spreads over the hill.

7:00 AM
When we head back down, it is fully daytime, and we are fully awake. I'm grateful to the goats for getting me out of my warm bed to experience the quiet majesty of autumn mornings.

7:10 AM