The Hardest-Working Woman on the Farm

Who is the hardest-working woman at Cotton Hill Farm? Not any of these goats, though their brush-hogging skills are impressive.
Water Cooler Gossip
Not the hens, although they are laying quite nicely, and not me, though I did make three cheeses at the same time yesterday afternoon. Certainly not Rose of Sharon.
Rosie's Job is Purely Ornamental 
No, the dedicated worker in question is a more shadowy figure, known to us only as Little Grey Cat, L.G.C. for short.
L.G.C. on the J.O.B. 
LGC has been around here for several years, maybe even longer than we have. Sometimes in the winter I've looked out the window to see her stalking some critter, her dark fur stark against the snow. Two summers ago, she had kittens in our garden shed; all but one died within a week. 

We've been seeing LGC around a lot the last few weeks, and the other morning I found three little black kittens and the head of one mouse in the shed. The kitties look like they're already a month old at least. Later that day LGC brought them at least two more mice. What a good mom!
Cute Kitten Eating Lunch.  
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