Goats of Note: Juniper

If Juniper knew I skipped her, she'd be indignant. It was an accident. Now, in honor of the Chinese New Year, here's Juniper.

Juniper was the first goat I ever milked, in the summer of 2010. Look at my crazy goat milking face!
When we got Junie, we already had Violet and Pansy (see Goats of Note posts 1 and 2). Juniper was the same age, yet she was sophisticated, mannered, lactating. I don't think I make that face when I milk goats anymore. At the time, though, it was quite a revelation.

Juniper came here with her sister Sassafras, who has since moved on from our farm. We used their milk to make cheese for the first time. The milk was amazingly sweet, and we learned to make chèvre, mozzarella, and feta; we experimented with aging cheddar, provolone, and gouda in the basement. We learned to trim hooves and give shots, drag sheds and move fences, and we learned that each of these creatures had distinct personalities, habits and senses of humor.
June and Pansy Ignoring Each Other in 2011
In 2012, Junie had two does, Jade and Jasmine. They were and are adorable and will have their own post shortly.
Big Momma
She's a pretty laid-back mom in general. Her main mothering technique involves head butting human children. Don't ask.
Newborn Jade

Generally, though, Junie is a charmer. She's a typical goat, inquisitive, crafty, and funny. She likes your sweatshirt string, belt end, and camera case. She enjoys picking locks, head-butting her friends, neck rubs, and eating things.
I Love her Eating Face

Mealtime with Clyde the Savage
Happy Year of the Goat. May your feed be sweet and your horizon clear. I promise many goat pictures in the year to come. 


Goats of Note: Buttons

Buttons, part snowy owl, part Alpine goat, came to us (with her name) in the summer of 2012. She's still kind of the new girl. 
Buttons, New to the Neighborhood, September 2012
Buttons has many amazing qualities. She is an excellent kisser. She is a contortionist who likes to look waaaay up, then turn her head all the way around. She has a sweet disposition and a wonderful sense of humor. She also has a talent for producing adorable white doelings: Bluebell in 2013 and Bergamot last year. 
Buttons and Bluebell Eating Apples, August 2013
Buttons is actually a pretty big girl, probably 150 pounds or more, possibly bigger than Violet the herd queen, but she's one of those folks who seems smaller. This is partly because she lacks seniority around here, and has developed a non-confrontational, goofy demeanor that keeps Violet, Pansy, Juniper, and Veronica from picking on her too much. Buttons has a quiet determination. She tries not to draw attention to herself, but she gets her due.
Vervain, Buttons, and Bluebell, July 2014
 Buttons loves cabbage and other treats. She would ask you to consider that if you come see her.