Perennial Problem

If the garden across the street is to have another banner year, this must be it. Gardening is, after all, kind of my only job right now. Since my last post, I have spent at least a half hour over there every day, pruning, weeding, raking, and making piles of debris. I'm trying not to burn out; there's still a lot to do.
Newly-Pruned Tea Rose Bush
The previous owner of our house, who was, among other things, a crack gardener, must have abandoned the garden as soon as we signed the contract to buy the property. She had endured some tragic circumstances, so it was understandable. Every spring since we moved here (this is the fourth), I have attacked the project of rehabilitating this garden. 


Springing Into Action

Maple Buds
The winter that wasn't is over, it seems. With temperatures in the seventies for the last few days, we are itching to plant the garden. I threw in some peas and salad greens, but much more than that in March might be a bit premature. Instead, we must content ourselves with yard work.