A Farmer's Thanksgiving

The days are getting shorter and colder, but not yet idler. At this time of year, even though the garden is finished, the pigs are gone, and we've stopped milking the goats, we are rushing around trying to complete projects we didn't have time for earlier in the year (barn update coming soon) and get the farm cleaned up before it's buried under snow. We're looking around and taking stock, and I feel a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.
I am thankful for a full hayloft (and to the fine farmer and friend at King's Creek Farm who grew and harvested the hay, trucked it out here, and helped Farmer Fin load it in). The hayloft feels all warm and cozy and the barn smells so sweet. The goats will eat well all winter, whatever the weather, hunkered down as their babies grow in their wombs.
I am thankful for the ever-growing pile of firewood in the woodshed (and for our good neighbors Tracy and Justin - the man behind Green Wolf Brewing Co. - who lent us their log splitting machine). Having a couple cords of wood split and stacked staves off that feeling of impending doom that settles on me in late fall.