May Flowers

I know that lots of people live in cold climates, like Scandinavia, Alaska, Minnesota, and such. However, this is the farthest north I've ever lived (and really, would ever want to live, unless I succumb to the temptations of Maine - Vacationland! - or maybe Nova Scotia), and I'm still getting used to the delayed seasons here in the Helderberg Hills. This year, though, the month of May is just like the Mays of my youth in the mid-Hudson Valley, 1° south of here in latitude. 

It started with the apple blossoms. The first week of May smelled wonderful and buzzed with bees.
The Goats' Second Pasture
My birthday is in May. Farmer Fin took me for a shopping spree at the Barber's Farm greenhouses. I was like a kid in a candy store. Plus I had ice cream for lunch. 
All sorts of violets and other little wildflowers started bursting out everywhere, along with the wild strawberries. Then, the lilacs made the air almost sickly sweet. Also, something about this warm, rainy weather is encouraging all sorts of flora I haven't seen here before, like these columbines that popped up in the backyard.

Bees Love Columbines, and Hummingbirds Do Too