The Home Stretch

First, let me apologize to the skiers and schoolchildren of the Northeast who have been praying for snow for the last couple months. It's been a pretty lackluster winter as far as all that goes, and I'm sorry. It seems I've out-hoped all you snow lovers out there with my fervent and selfish desire to get the roof on the barn before this winter's first big blizzard. You can have all the snowdays and fresh powder you want as soon as that roof is on there, I swear. Fortunately, we are almost there.

Fin Lifts the Second-to-Last Purlin into Place
Brian Nails It
Last One!

Some Goats Checking Out Their Future Home
Kasia and Charlie Taking a Snuggle Break
Mom, Please Note the Safety Harnesses

As January comes to a close, I am feeling thankful and hopeful. Thankful for the mild weather and for our friends who have helped so much, and hopeful that we will get this thing done in time for kidding season. And also maybe we will get to go sledding sometime this winter.

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  1. Oh!,my! The barn looks so much bigger now - and higher too. What wonderful helpers you have had! It's beautiful!