Sprouts are a delicious, nutritious, and fun way to pretend you are gardening when it is winter. I get a yummy sprout seed mix from the food co-op in Albany. Radish sprouts are my favorite because they are spicy. You can order seeds from seed companies or get them from your favorite hippie food store. 

My Fancy Sprouting Device

First, soak your seeds overnight. I do this in a wide-mouth jar covered with butter muslin, which is like fine-gauge cheesecloth. I fasten the cloth on top with the jar band. In the morning, drain and rinse the seeds. I am an incurable kitchen gadget collector, so I have this special seed-sprouting setup. It has slotted trays for the sprouts and a solid one on the bottom to catch the runoff from rinsing. You can get one too, or you can just flip over that cheesecloth-covered jar onto a plate or something. Just make sure the sprouts are getting good air circulation.

Rinse them at least once a day until they look all sprouty and tasty. It will take a few days, maybe even a week. Then enjoy them in a sandwich with hummus and avocado (yeah, I know, not exactly locavore eating, but I believe avocados keep my skin from getting dry in winter, and I know they are good for my seasonally affected mind and soul), or however you like your sprouts. 
Welcome to my Sprout Forest

Having something green growing in my kitchen makes me happy and keeps me from starting my garden seedlings too early. I hear sprouts are pretty good for you too. Happy Sprout Month!

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  1. We have that very same sprouter thing-a-m'bob. We haven't put it to use yet, but now I think we will, those sprouts look mighty tasty.