Everyone Is Lazy

Luckily, they are also very cute. Unlike me and those worthless cats.

In actuality, I suppose I was the lazy one - at least by comparison. Alls I did was wake up and check into work, move, feed, and water the meat birds, milk and feed (and entertain - they require entertainment, and daily affirmations) the goats, move the pullets, work for 10 hours at my desk, walk the dog in the woods, feed and water meat birds, milk and feed and the goats and wish them pleasant dreams, drink some whiskey, put the pullets to bed, and take a snapshot of the REAL busy folks around here. Not that Bird is folks, but maybe he is. The cats sure aren't folks. The wife and the dog have every reason to be pooped - Heather did every chore I did, plus the mid-day goat fattening-up, chevre-making, kimchi-ing, gardening, facebooking ... and Bird was right there with her for most of the time, although he was probably napping for much of that time. The boy needs his beauty rest, and it shows.


  1. Roses of Sharon is hoping to get by on her good looks alone.

  2. I am tired just reading all that you both do It sounds glorious! How come your lavender looks so great?. My really suffered from the heat wave. Love Carol Bassin