Big Day

Today was a milestone for me: Farmer Fin is in the big city at his "real job," so I did the morning chores alone for the first time. It was a peaceful morning on the hill. The goats didn't even hear me coming until I was right next to their pasture. The non-milkers went into the barn without complaint, and the milkers were very cooperative and patient (usually each of us milks one doe, but doing both is an excellent hand workout). It even stopped raining just before I went out!

My accomplishments, however, pale in comparison to those of the four baby barn swallows who had hatched in the goat barn a couple weeks ago. Today was their first flight! At least I think it was, because they were not in the barn this morning. Hopefully, they were out getting worms with their mom. Here's a picture of them as tiny chicks (sorry the quality is so bad; it's dark in the rafters).

Have a good life, birds!

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