Tannenbaum's Last Stand

The Christmas tree is a wonderful thing to me. I love the smell, the lights, and the thrill of having an eight-foot evergreen in my dining room. But taking it down is depressing. It usually gets to a point where February is approaching and the tree is still there, neglected, unwatered, and unlit because it seems too late to have a Christmas tree in one's home. Yesterday, only five days after Epiphany (my Christmas-tree-disposal goal date), we undressed the tree, dragged it out of the house, and hauled it right up to the goatyard, where it provided a welcome midwinter treat for the herd.
The Scrum

Violet Hams it up as Usual
Hours of entertainment! Today, the tree is a mere skeleton.
The After Pic
And a January surprise: this giant nest was in there the whole time. Farmer Fin found it during evening chores yesterday, after the goats had been at it for a few hours.

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  1. It was a gorgeous tree that served you and the goats well.