Welcome, Winter

It snowed all day and night yesterday, and into the morning today. When we woke up, there was over a foot on the ground. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else at this time of year.
A big snowfall feels so Christmas-y. Plus, there's a tree in my house. It smells wonderful, and I love seeing the lights from outside when we are coming back from evening chores and it's just starting to get dark.

Did I mention the house smells great? 

Baking all afternoon warmed up the house real nice, too. Apparently, though, it's not quite warm enough for Rose of Sharon, who needs an extra quilted layer even right next to the fire. We all welcome winter in our own way, I suppose.


  1. a) love the name: Rose of Sharon. b) don't you think that God created cats to underscore the notion that nothing...nothing at all...is so perfect that it can't be improved upon? The heat of the fire? eh. Gimme a down comforter. Now would be good.

  2. Oh yeah, I like the little holiday lights, too. Love to see them through the windows - the outside ones from the inside and the inside ones from the outside. Cozy and comfy and focuses within which is something winter does for me.

  3. The aforementioned R.O.S. attacked me last Christmas but nonetheless cannot wait to chance it and see this year's tree in person and let us not forget to be happy and yell as my customary....
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!(very loud and stretch out)