Barn Progress Report

The building is coming along. Behold our prodigious temporary work station, complete with genuine electricity. It's awfully nice to be off the floor, and the power tools are much more powerful now that they are not plugged into 250 feet of extension cord. Besides that, here's how it's coming along.
This picture is from last week - now you can't see through that wall.
 The wiring is all finished. We are working on interior walls.
The milking parlor is an actual room now.
That is probably where the milking stand will be.
There are two walls in the milk room so far.

And the hayloft is the perfect place to cure garlic. Rest assured, we will not fall victim to vampires before we finish building this barn.
There are over 200 heads of garlic hanging there!

1 comment:

  1. smart move on the vampire prevention. those (blood) suckers show up and none of your goats will be able to concentrate.

    You two are doing just beautifully with this project. Bravo!