This Moth

This month, we have had 4.36 inches of rain, 2.85 inches more than the average rainfall for June so far, according to the National Weather Service. On Friday, there were flash floods in nearby villages.  Our valley friends in Middleburgh are still cleaning up from a foot and a half of water swelling over Main Street. 

Even on the hill, it's pretty swampy. Luckily we had planned to move the goats' pasture on Saturday anyway. They have been evacuated to higher ground (time for the Cotton Hill Summer Workout), and we humans have had our muck boots on all weekend.

This morning, I found this giant moth with one wing submerged in two inches of water in a seed tray on the stoop. I carefully lifted him out and set him down to dry his wings on the warm stone. I guess he's a male Luna Moth: http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/luna_moth.htm

A little later, he was gone! Hopefully he is reproducing like crazy out there. I guess, I hope, that he is a metaphor for desperate situations in general . Just when things look hopeless, good luck (and being really pretty) can come along, lift you up, and set you free. May we all fly dry for a little while.

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