Vervain's Debut

On Sunday, the 22nd, Earth Day, right after breakfast, Violet gave birth to a single kid. The baby was huge, as big as her week-old cousins. Like all the rest, she was on her feet within ten minutes. We waited, but no twin came. When we peeked under her tail, we high-fived: another doeling! Her name is Vervain. Now she is three days old, and in a break between dramatic rain and (sigh) snow showers today, she joined her herd outside for the first time.
Vervain and Violet
Vervain was timid for a few minutes, but she was soon ready to explore. 
Violet is a Helicopter Mother

Violet really didn't have too much to worry about. Vervain is a bit unsteady on her feet, but she's almost as big as the other little ones.
Vervain With her Cousins Petunia and Billy
Kids Like Toys
That's Veronica on the spool - her first birthday was yesterday.
Juniper's Girls
For some reason, morning chores take like four times as long as they used to. Wonder why that is.
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