Suspenseful Spring Saturday

Mostly what we are doing is waiting for Juniper to give birth. Today might be the day. She is large.

Jumbo Junie
Last night we checked on her at 2 AM. The moon was so bright that we didn't need a flashlight. When we got back fifteen minutes later, the bed was still warm. 

In the meantime, the chickens have a new setup, like a compromise between free ranging (in which they tear up my garden, crap everywhere, and lay eggs in unpredictable places) and being cooped up in their portable coops. We moved their pen today. Chickens sure do tear up the ground. Check it out:

The brown part on the left was where they were for the last two weeks, and the green grass on the right was outside the fence. Now they have all green grass and new bugs to dig up.
Even the Celestes, senior citizens of the flock at three years old this year, are laying big, delicious eggs. 

Well, time to go up to the goat yard again. Keep your fingers crossed for us, and get ready for some cute kid pictures.
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