Moon Flower!

I am a killer of houseplants. It's not that I forget to water them. Rather, there is some perverse impulse in me that will look at a thirsty houseplant and deliberately not water it. Between these neglectful urges and a history of herbicidal cats, even plants that are widely touted as indestructible have died on my watch.
I need the help of Mother Nature. The garden, with the help of unlimited sun and occasional rain, is generally fine, and now that I live in a house and not a city apartment, I can bring my houseplants outside in the summer. As a result, I have managed to keep a few of them alive for years. Years! Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf. Haha.
The latest and greatest addition to my houseplant collection has been absolutely enthralling. It was a gift from my good friends Frank and Scarlet, the proprietors of a lovely cottage business in plants and flowers. You definitely want one of these, so here's their website:
And here it is, the enchanting, entertaining, and extremely fragrant MOONFLOWER!
Above, Moonie on Sunday, just starting to unfurl

Here's Moonie on Monday morning.

By the evening, Moonie is as big as my head
(well, maybe not my head, but Farmer Fin's head at least) - WOW!

And you would not believe the way this thing smells - like a much-beloved grandmother, and you can smell it from ten feet away, even outside. It would make my house smell great, but I'm afraid to bring it in because the cat Rose of Sharon gets jealous of things that are pretty like her and tries to destroy them.

This morning, Tuesday, it is starting to flop some. Just like that!
Good thing there are two more buds on there. I will be waiting with bated breath. Come by and see it, but you better come quick.
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