The nor'easter that blew in today is our second winter storm of the season. The season is actually still technically fall, I guess, since winter doesn't officially start until next week. 
Looking Northeast

On a walk through the snowy woods with Bird, each time we stopped so he could try to remove his winter coat by rolling on the ground I looked around and marveled once again at the beauty of this place. Even in winter, this hill can take your breath away. More so, in a way, because I have time to look. We were so busy, and I was so stressed, all during the fairer seasons. There was barely time to look up, and even less to walk around breathing the green smell of summer, feeling it on my skin, the way I can now experience the cold clean air and the snow on the branches of the trees.

The goats are all bred and have spent this stormy day in their dry sheds, munching on hay. The dog and cats and I have mostly been hunkered down by the woodstove. It's supposed to snow for another day or two, and I really don't mind. This year, like no other yet, I appreciate the still, quiet peace of winter (especially when school is cancelled and I do not have to drive to work).
If I get any closer, they'll come out and get all wet
We have at least three cords of wood in the wood shed, and we even got the lawn furniture inside finally, so maybe it's ok to be lazy for now. 
The chairs only weathered one nor'easter


  1. Beautifully written & beautiful photos. it was nice to meet you at mom's opening. She is a very special lady & good friend

  2. I really like how you've captured the beauty of winter.....nice work!