Goats of Note: Violet

Goats are good fun and great company. Each one of our goats has a very distinctive personality (goatality?), and I suddenly realize, dear readers, that you and the goats have never been properly introduced. This is a glaring oversight for which I apologize, and which I will try to correct in a series of profiles. 

We begin with Violet. Lovely, intelligent, friendly, and assertive, Violet is the herd queen, and one of the first two goats who came to live on our farm. Here she is with her sister Pansy (the subject of the next profile) soon after coming to live here in the spring of 2010.
The Early Days
When we adopted Violet and Pansy, they had not been socialized much. They were both really scared of people, but Violet had a natural curiosity that led her closer and closer to us. Soon, she discovered that she loved being petted, and approached us for a nice head rub whenever we came up to the pasture.
Closer and Closer

The following spring, Violet had her first set of kids. She is a wonderful mother, attentive but not obsessive, and man oh man does she produce! She has given us about a gallon a day, even while nursing two hungry kids. 
Violet and Baby Vernon
Violet is definitely in charge. Once, early on, I brought some split tomatoes up to the goat yard for the girls to enjoy. Violet sniffed a tomato, took it in her mouth, and then threw it on the ground and stomped it vigorously while making noises of disgust. Turns out goats don't do nightshades. Violet made sure it was crystal clear to her herd mates and to me that she would not tolerate any attempts to poison her. Only greens and grains ever since. 
She Is Also a Champion Photobomber
Over the years, she has gotten bigger and stronger and lovelier. She's a marvelous creature and we love her.

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