Apple Antics

Used to be, when we moved the goat pasture, Farmer Fin drove the truck that pulls the sheds while I ran behind shouting encouragements, tried to manage the livestock, and hooked and unhooked the sheds to and from the truck. We recently discovered, though, that it all goes more smoothly if I just take the goats down the hill and distract them while Fin does all the other stuff. Naturally, this arrangement works for me! And what better way to distract a herd of goats than hanging out under the apple trees. 
Jasmine Looks Apple-Crazed

Bluebell Gets a Little Help From her Mom

Jas and Jade Need No Help

Even the Littles Are Big Enough to Reach Some Apples

Pansy Is in Apple Ecstasy


The apples are getting ripe. It's a good time to be a goatherd.

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  1. Love it. I can remember Louise downing pears like that. Vivid recollections and they're still wonderful.