Springing Into Action

Maple Buds
The winter that wasn't is over, it seems. With temperatures in the seventies for the last few days, we are itching to plant the garden. I threw in some peas and salad greens, but much more than that in March might be a bit premature. Instead, we must content ourselves with yard work.

When we moved in, the perennial garden across the street was a bit neglected, but salvageable. In the spring, my parents and their friends helped me spruce it up, and our wedding took place under a trellis festooned with trumpet vines. It was beautiful.

Later that year, the trellis was destroyed in a storm, and as much as I tried to keep the garden trimmed and weeded and healthy, it has just kept getting away from me these last two years. It is hard for me to spend time over there when there are so many other projects demanding attention. Right now, it's looking pretty bad, but this year I hope to turn it around and keep it beautiful with regular - minimal - maintenance. Here is a "Before" picture for 2012.
Don't Trip!
Why did the Chickens Cross the Road? 
 I pruned, weeded, and raked for like four hours today (with the help of chickens, of course), and there is still a lot to do, but I made some progress. 
Baby Steps 
Lavender, Tea Roses, and a Shrub That I Kind of Hate
I have big plans for this garden. Hopefully we will spend afternoons drinking lemonade and enjoying the flowers across the street all summer long.  
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