Barn Progress

Last week it snowed again. It was quite dramatic there for a few hours, but ultimately unremarkable. We are incredibly grateful for this, and for the generous help of friends. Brian and Kasia came up from NYC last weekend to help us get the floor joists up. Fin and I had spent a frustrating day the previous weekend trying to do this without help, to no avail, but with a few extra hands it went smoothly.

Hoist Those Joists!

Late Afternoon Sunlight on a Dozen Beams
By the end of the day on Saturday, all of the joists on the east side were in. On Sunday morning, we got the other side finished, nailed in the beams, and put up the decking on the east side. Go team!

It's great up there in the hayloft! Now it's covered in plastic, waiting for our next surge of time, effort, and personnel. We may still get that roof on before the real snow comes.

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