Free Rangers!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Beatrix, our collective of Barred Rock Hens, doesn't.

We have been letting the chickens wander freely this spring. It's still really cold here, but apparently the bugs and worms know that it's spring, and the chickens know they know. Our nine hens wander the property all day eating little critters and the tops of the new grass, and digging all around in last fall's leaves and piles of dead vegetation. They have been helping out a lot with the spring garden tasks of pruning, raking, and turning soil.

Celeste, the three Rhode Island Reds, take their landscaping job very seriously. Since it's been too rainy to get started in the vegetable garden, I've been focused on the perennial garden across the road. Celeste has taken to following me over there. Not right away; they will scrape around in the leaves by the side of the road for fifteen minutes or so before one of them looks around, decides it's time, and waddles across to the perennial garden. I have seen her do it. She does look both ways, but I'm not sure she knows exactly what she's looking for. If she gets bored before I finish, she goes back home. If not, she follows me when I go back.

Both chicken cohorts have been sticking pretty close this week. They follow me around the yard wherever I go, trying to hop into the car when the opportunity presents, or trailing me up to the goat yard, much to the goats' alarm. Yesterday evening, when the sun finally came out, I went to take pictures of them returning to their house, but when they saw me out there, they changed their minds.

About face!

The eggs are getting more and more delicious as spring progresses. And April showers bring May flowers.

Go, Spring!

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